Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cumulative Update 4 for SCOM R2 has been released

Since yesterday Microsoft has released CU#4 for SCOM R2. And like the previous CU’s it resolves some issues and adds additional functionality/support as well.

What it resolves:

What it adds:

Like any other CUs, RTFM is absolutely KEY here! So visit this webpage (KB2449679) and read it, from top to bottom TWICE! Make yourself familiar with it, because when you don’t, you are about to wreck havoc in your environment.

On top of it, Kevin Holman has written an excellent posting about CU#4 and his experiences installing it. RTFM that posting as well, TWICE! And last but not least, TEST it. If you don’t have a test environment it is perhaps better to wait a few weeks in order to see whether the CU#4 is stable and doesn’t contain any ‘surprises’, like the previous CU#3 which causes some issues in conjunction with SCVMM and PRO Tips.

Here are the links to CU#4 and all you need to know. The order isn’t chosen at random here. RTFM Items 1 and 2 before even downloading it.

  1. RTFM: KB2449679, describing CU#4 and instructions;
  2. RTFM: Kevin Holman’s posting (and heed his warning!!!)
  3. Download it from here.

Until now I haven’t downloaded CU#4 yet, (still doing the RTFM bit…). As soon as I have installed it in one of my test environments I will let you know what my experiences are.

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