Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To: Pull Company Knowledge And Send It To Email

Some time ago I got a question from my customer how to do just that. And this customer is really deep into PS and other kind of scripting as well, so when he bumped into all kind of issues, it was time for me to contact THE PS expert in SCOM, Stefan Stranger.

And guess what? Within a few days he cracked it! So the customer was really pleased AND impressed. Of course, I told him to say thanks to Stefan and not to me. I simply passed it along.

Today Stefan has posted his solution on his blog. And as always, his posting is spot on. Ever wanted to know how to pull Company Knowledge from a  MP and send it to Email by using PS? Go here.

Of course, all credits go to Stefan Stranger.


Stefan said...

NP. Really like to use PowerShell together with OpsMgr.

We all want happy customers:-)


Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Stefan,
I like PS with SCOM as well, but sometimes it can be a challenge to het it running. So I was (and still am) glad with your help.