Friday, February 25, 2011

Useful SCOM Wikis

Got this one from the blog of Graham Davies, a much respected UK based fellow SCOM MVP. When you’re a regular visitor of the official OpsMgr TechNet Forums, you certainly know him since he is one of the top moderators who has answered tons of questions. Without him the Forums would be a lot more quiet.
Mother and baby Mountain Gorilla - Rwanda
(I have never met the guy and this is the picture he has put on the ‘About me’ page of his blog. I am about to meet him with MVP Summit 2011 and I promised him some beers. But when he even slightly resembles the picture I think I will offer him a banana instead…)

But this posting isn’t about him (although he deserves it when you ask me) but about two useful SCOM wikis. One I already knew but the first is new to me AND very very welcome:

  1. Management Pack Wiki
    ’Centralized knowledge about most usable publicly available Management Packs for System Center Operations Manager’ as the wiki advertises itself. What it does? It shows the inner workings of every Microsoft MP like Files, Rules, Unit Monitors, References, Versions, Classes, Discoveries and Run as Profiles. On top of it all, it also shows a clickable ‘map’ of the MP, like this one of the System Center Library:
    Really awesome! So whenever you want to know the inner workings of a MP, go to this Wiki and you’ll know!

  2. SCOM Wiki
    This wiki is already around for some time and becoming more mature every day. It does not cover every aspect of SCOM but it contains tons of good information. Top notch MP author Brian Wren has contributed many good articles to this wiki.

As you can see, there are many good resources about SCOM on the internet and these two wikis are really awesome!


Aman Dhally said...

Hi Marnix

Nice Post and thanks for the Links, they are very usefule :)


Aman Dhally

John Bradshaw said...

HA! Enjoy the bananas!