Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Case of the Disappeared Group or the DA hiding Groups from the Groups View in the Authoring Pane…

Bumped into this issue which really puzzled me for a while…

Create a Group, like Now You See Me But When Added to a DA I am GONE

Populate it as needed, save it. Search for the Group after it has been created:
Wow! It’s there. Nice! :)

Let’s create a DA and put the freshly created Group into that DA:



Save the DA. Let’s search again for the same Group:

Also, the total amount of Groups is reduced by one, the Group you just added to the DA has been removed from the total amount of available Groups as well…

The Group is still present in the background however and can be used in Monitors/Rules and the like. An example, when creating a Monitor the Group can be found:

When the DA is deleted, the Group is to be found back again, so the DA is the culprit here.

But how to go about it when you want to EDIT that Group? 

  1. One way to ‘solve’ it, is to remove the Group temporarily from the DA, save the DA, edit the Group as required, save the Group and add it back to the DA and save the DA as well.
  2. Another way is to export the MP where the Group has been put into and edit the XML directly…

My guess it’s a bug… :) So I have filed a bug on Connect. When you experience the same issue, please vote for it so changes are it will be fixed in a future edition/CU of SCOM… (click the picture in order to go the Connect site).

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TommyGun said...

Hi Marnix,
I noticed the link to Connect does not work anymore. This issue still persists in 2012 R2 so i wonder what is going on. Any idea or fix?
Thanks in advance.