Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Error when removing DA: ‘Verification failed with [1] errors’ and ‘Cannot verify RelationshipType’ and how to solve it.

Got these errors when I tried to remove a DA. Normally these errors are thrown when you try to remove a DA or a component which is part of (other) DAs. But that wasn’t the case here.

Not the GUI (DAD)…
So I tried to solve it through the GUI by emptying the DA and save the changes. That worked. Time for the next step, removing the DA totally. But again the above mentioned errors were thrown.

When I searched in the GUI for Monitors and Classes with the names of the components which were present in the DA, I found them! Strange it was since I removed them from the DA and these components weren’t used anywhere else.

Good ol’ Notepad++
Bummer! Time for some XML editing. So I exported the MP containing the problematic DA. Opened it in Notepad++ and searched for the earlier mentioned components, which were present in that same DA. And yes, I found them. But the name of those components won’t do. The GUIDs are far more important since the SCOM Console many times uses GUIDs instead of friendly names.

How to find the related GUID? Good question. First you search in Notepad++ for the friendly name. When that entry is found you will find an entry above that name with the tag <DisplayString ElementID="Service_<GUID>">

Back in business
Copy the whole entry (Service_<GUID>) and search for that entry in Notepad++. Remove all those entries, save the changes and import the MP. Now the problematic DA can be removed without any hassle. Of course, the DA can be removed from the XML code as well.

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