Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Strange behavior when Names of Classes/Objects are changed in non-English based SCOM R2 environments

I noticed this strange behavior in SCOM R2 environments running in non-English environments, like the Netherlands for instance:

An Object (like a Group for instance) is created. Later a name change is required. In the Console the Properties screen is opened for that Object and the Name field is changed accordingly and saved. Back in the Console, the Name of that Object still displays the OLD name. When the Properties screen for that Object is opened, the Group name displays the correct name, the changed name..

This posting describes this issue, it’s cause and how to solve it.

By the way, this behavior happened in a CU#4 SCOM R2 environment.

The Issue
An example Group is created, with the name Test Group with a FAKE name

Group is present in SCOM Console:

Group Properties screen as in shown in the SCOM Console:

Group name is changed in the Properties screen of the Group as shown in the SCOM Console, and saved:

Group name is adjusted. But when searching for it, nothing is shown:

Let’s search for the old name:

Huh? Still present? Let’s check the Properties of this Group:
This is REALLY strange.

The Cause
Let’s take a deeper look in the MP by exporting it and opening it in Notepad++. As you can see there are differences, located in the language sections of the MP. The Dutch section (NLD) of the MP:
So the name change landed in this section of the MP.

How about the English section (ENU)? Let’s check it out:
So there is the culprit! The Dutch (NLD) section is OK, but the ENU section isn’t touched at all…

Let’s take a few steps back:

So the Name shown in the Console, is the ENU section:

The Group name shown in the Properties screen of the Group in the SCOM Console, is the Dutch section of the MP…

The Solution/Workaround
Let’s adjust the ENU section in the raw XML in order to reflect the name change and import that MP into SCOM. No hassle about version numbers since that only comes into play for sealed MPs and this is an unsealed MP…

Let’s search for the phrase REAL in the Groups View of the SCOM Console:

Let’s check out the Properties of this Group:

Some background information
Checked the regional settings on the RMS, SQL and the workstation where the SCOM Console was running:

  • RMS: English
  • SQL: English
  • Workstation: Dutch.

It wasn’t feasible to change the Regional settings on any of those systems. So there is no change to work around this bug in any kind of way but editing the raw XML by changing the name under the ENU section of the MP.


When you’re running SCOM in a non-English environment, and you change the Name (or Description, saw the same behavior there as well!), for any Object/Class in SCOM, you won’t see those changes back into the SCOM Console. Editing of the raw XML is required in order to get it all working.


Unknown said...

Nice debug. I think it's a bug rather than a feature. :)

Unknown said...

Nice job of debugging for MS. I saw these behavior for many years, never figure out why it happens.