Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New KB Article: Troubleshooting empty Reports in SCOM

I’ll never forget the first time I had to present a freshly installed SCOM 2007 RTM environment to a customer of mine, many years ago. There were about six people present, some of them managers, others system engineers.

All went well until I was asked to show some Reports. In total of the twelve Reports I showed, nine ended up EMPTY! I felt embarrassed.

That evening and the other days I worked hard to learn how to get filled reports and also to know what went wrong. So a week later I demonstrated the Reports again for the same audience. And now all went just fine.

With SP1 and later SCOM R2 much has changed for the better. But still it can be sometimes challenging to get filled Reports. In 2009 I wrote a whole series about it, to be found here.

Microsoft has published a KB about it, covering other possibilities as well. KB2573329 tells it all.

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