Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SCOM Alert, based on SQL MP: Cannot login to database

Sometimes the SQL MP can throw this Alert in SCOM: Cannot login to database. Have seen similar issues at different customer sites. Strangest thing here was that it happened on the non-system databases.

Already found some information about the why and how. For a week now the System Center Operations Manager Support Team Blog has posted an article about, confirming my own findings. As it turns out, it’s related with the Auto Close setting on those particular databases.
(Picture is ‘borrowed’ from the same blog posting.)

Want to know more? Go here. Thanks to Vikram Sahay for sharing.


Jeffrey Patton said...

What can you do if the customer will not allow you to make this change to their database?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Jeffrey.

This is an old posting and to be frank, I am not sure whether this issue is still at play. The SQL MP has had many updates since this posting.

Please check the MP guide of the SQL MP for more information and read Kevin Holman's postings about the SQL Server MP and how to tune it. My guess is that the solution to your issue is far more likely to be found there than this old posting of mine.