Monday, July 25, 2011

OM12 Public Beta available for download

A bit late this posting is, but very important news none the less: Microsoft has released the public beta of OM12!!!

This is really great news since OM12 has many new things to offer. Because of my MVP status I was already running pre-beta versions which were already very impressive. But all under NDA of course, so I couldn’t share my experiences.

With the public beta this will change. So many new blog postings will come out, all about the public beta of OM12. Nice!

For the ones among us who haven’t installed it yet, the public beta of OM12 can be found here.

RTFM is key in order to have a good installation experience. So download it all and read before you install it.


Aman Dhally said...

welcome back "Marnix"
how was your vacation?


Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Aman.

It was a great holiday. Really enjoyed the time with my family.

Thanks for asking.