Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Additional Comments on yesterdays posting

Yesterday Bob Cornelissen and I started a joined effort in order to get the new Server OS MP improved since it contains some bugs which downplay the overall experience of that MP, which is bad since the promises in this MP are really good.

The response we got – and still are getting – is a bit overwhelming I must say. At this moment the counter of votes for this bug report is already on 44(!). Besides that we got on our blog postings many comments.

However, somehow some people misunderstood our effort and started bashing and flaming. Gladly I have to approve any comment before it’s shown on my blog. And some of the comments I got were really bad. So I removed them and only approved the good ones.

Therefore I want to clarify the objective of our joint effort:

NOT to flame or bash any person or company in any kind of way BUT to make SCOM/OM12 an even better product. And we strongly believe that the total quality of SCOM/OM12 is based upon the overall quality of the Management Packs. So the better the MPs become, the better SCOM/OM12 will become as well.

So whenever you’re looking for a way to flame or bash, go on and look further since my blog won’t be the stage for that kind of purposes!!!

And to the persons who gave solid and valid feedback: THANK YOU and know that I respect all of you.

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Rem-8 w Uerdingen said...

I totally agree with you. There are several MP that need to be reviewed by community because product teams left them in a poor state (DHCP FTW!). After all it would be a good way to get in touch together, make a list of mistakes in every MP that's out from MS and then post it on Connect! :)