Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Updating Proxy Agent for multiple SNMP-enabled devices in bulk

Had to update the Proxy Agent for many (+200) SNMP-enabled devices in SCOM R2 CU#5.

When using the GUI for it this becomes a gruesome task, also because the list with available Proxy Agents (+400 in my case) isn’t sorted. Only the Management Servers are shown on top. And the remaining servers aren’t sorted at all, nor is any search function available…

So it was time to search the internet and gladly I found two postings from ‘Da Master of SCOM’, Pete Zerger. Together with Marco ShawDa Master of PowerShell’, they created a very good PS script. The first posting contains the first version of the script (without the aid of Marco Shaw) and the second is based on the input and knowledge of Marco Shaw.

Scripts can be found here (Part I) and here (Part II).

All credits go to Da Masters, Peter Zerger and Marco Shaw. Thanks guys!

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