Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How To Seal a Management Pack?

Phew! Was about to write a long posting about how to seal a MP since I do get a lot of questions about it. This posting already describes why to seal a MP. So I thought it was time for a follow up.

However, Bing saved me a lot of time since I found this posting written by Jonathan Almquist, all about how to seal a MP. Since his posting is very detailed I have decided not to write my own posting about how to seal a MP but refer to his posting instead.

So here it is:

However, for sealing MPs a tool is required in order to create a key. For creating this key a tool named sn.exe is required. You can download the SDK containing this tool or you can download it from my SkyDrive directly. Saves you a lot of time Glimlach.

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Jonathan said...

Goog thing to upload the exe to your download page. It's a huge process just to get this little file.