Friday, February 24, 2012

OM12: Improved Health Explorer

In SCOM (R2) it can take ages for the Health Explorer to load, especially when the related server is monitored on many items like AD, DNS, DHCP, Server OS and the lot.

Main reason for this load time is the fact every single Monitor relevant to that server is loaded and shown. In OM12 the behavior of Health Explorer is changed. Now only the unhealthy Monitors will be shown, like this:

This saves a lot of loading time thus making Health Explorer far more snappier. Another thing is that now only the relevant Monitors will be shown enabling one to zoom in much quicker to the issue at hand. So all the clutter/noise is removed.



Richard Kinser said...

I wish they would include the ability to see only monitored Monitors as well.

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Richard,

Sounds like a good idea but on a second thought it will only downplay the speed of Health Explorer (HE) since per Windows Server, or any other Class for that matter, every time HE is opened, an inventory of the active Monitors must be run, prior to populating HE. And that would be bad, performance wise as well.


Richard Kinser said...

I use the Health Explorer to output the Health Model for audit purposes. Right now I have to go through and edit out all the non-monitored items so there won't be any questions as to why certain things aren't monitored. Editing them out is pretty tedious, so was hoping that a filter could be added to do that automatically.