Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OM12: How to dump Management Pack Bundles (.mpb files)

Daniele Grandini, a fellow MVP from Italy, and highly respected for his knowledge on authoring MPs and SQL knowledge, has posted an excellent article all about dumping Management Pack Bundles for OM12 and SCSM.

Taken directly from the posting:

‘…Since the first way to understand new techniques is learning from others, or if you want via reverse engineering, one of the first steps to achieve this is to get access to MP contents and indeed we had several scripts in the community to do this . With Operations Manager 2012, a new format for MPs has been introduced: Management Pack Bundles (.mpb files). Actually Service manager had MPBs since a long time. The old scripts to dump the content of an MP file need to be updated to dump MPB as well…’

Daniele shares a PowerShell script which enables one to dump of both MP and MPB files for both OpsMgr and Service Manager. Want to know more? Go here.

So Italy isn’t only famous for its magnificent cars, food and wine but also for the PowerShell scripts! Glimlach

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