Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sign The Petition For TechNet Subscription Replacement With New & Affordable MSDN Subscription

07-23-2013 Update: More than 6500 supporters! 3500 needed and we hit the 10K mark!!!

This is AWESOME news! Contact your IT Pro peers and get them involved. The more the better! SIGN this petition so we hit the 10K mark!

07-16-2013 Update: More than 4200 supporters! Let’s make it 10K!!!

Let’s show how resolved we are. As Cody Skidmore – petition organizer – states: ‘…We need to double down on the pressure…’.

When you’re an IT Professional, changes are most likely you’re affected as well. So please SIGN this petition and show how resolved we are.

07-09-2013 Update: More than 2000 supporters! Awesome! Let’s DOUBLE it! Go here.

Found this petition, aimed at asking Microsoft to create an affordable MSDN subscription comparable to TechNet.

I signed it myself. And I want to ask ALL the readers of this blog to do the same. Retiring TechNet subscriptions without any REAL alternative isn’t the way to go. When you feel the same, please sign this petition.


Unknown said...

Thank you for supporting the TechNet petition. We greatly appreciate it!

Cody Skidmore

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Cody.

I support your effort for a full hundred percent! IMHO this is a bad thing and should get all the attention it can get in order to turn it around.

Appreciate your effort and try to help out as much as possible.