Wednesday, July 24, 2013


As it turns out KB2775511 has a regression. Taken directly from this posting on the System Center: Operations Manager Engineering Blog:

After installing KB2775511 on Operations Manager Management Servers, agents or servers may be affected by a deadlock.

Once in deadlock, Management Servers will generate Heart Beat failures and will go into a “greyed out” state. grayed out. As a result, devices managed by these Management Servers will also go into a “greyed out” or “not monitored state.”

When in this state:

  1. No new events will be generated in the Operations Manager Event Log
  2. Errors in State Change Events will appear frequently
  3. Alerts will be generated during state change

Removal of KB2775511 will correct the issues introduced. The OpsMgr team recommends that Operations Manager users refrain from installing KB2775511 until this deadlock issue is resolved. New information will be posted as it becomes available.

So DON’T install KB2775511 since it will render your SCOM environment useless. This KB affects SCOM Agents, SCOM Management Servers and SCOM Gateways!


Anonymous said...

I posted this on the blog you linked to yesterday but no response. The scoping of the issue seems unclear from that blog. Is it saying if I have production systems monitored by SCOM (i.e. a SCOM agent) and I install the patch on those systems only, those systems could experience a deadlock?

Or is it saying if I install the patch on the Management server, then I could experience a deadlock on any managed server?

The language is not clear in my opinion.

"After installing the following update on Operations Manager Management Servers, agents or servers may be affected by a deadlock."

Marnix Wolf said...


As I see it, SCOM Agents and SCOM Management Servers are affected.


John Bradshaw said...

WSUS installed this on ALL our boxes a month ago. So far no extra issues have been noticed. (Or maybe I have been asleep for a month).
John Bradshaw

Stephen Leuthold said...

Does anyone know if solves/prevents this issue post installing KB2775511?