Monday, April 7, 2014

Free MP Authoring Tool For IT Pros Gets Update

In January 2014 Silect – in a joined effort with Microsoft – released a new MP authoring tool for IT Pros. This new tool also made the Visio MP Authoring tool obsolete and the old SCOM 2007 MP Authoring tool as well.

Based on customer feedback Silect follows up this first release with an updated version, properly titled MP Author SP1.

Customers already registered and using MP Author will be emailed with instructions how to obtain SP1. When you’re an IT Pro and new to MP Authoring, this is the tool to have. Go here.

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Vish Kakkar said...

Hi Marnix,

I saw your post about MSMQ pack for SCOM and was impressed with the insight. I got the private queues to show up in SCOM 2012 R2 but not sure how to create monitors and alerts around when a specific queue goes over a threshold. Do you have ideas around this ?