Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wally Mead Leaves Microsoft…

I know. This is a SCOM blog. But yet, this is breaking news, so I’ve decided to put it on my blog as well.

The person with the most knowledge and experience with SCCM leaves Microsoft today. Yes, I am talking about Wally Mead. In the past I’ve met him on some occasions and he made a huge impression on me.

Rod Trent has written an excellent article about his departure and I must say I agree for a full 100% with Rod’s thoughts and conclusions.

For Microsoft this is a big loss. I know, it’s all about the cloud now and everything else comes second. However, the markets aren’t changing that fast so on-premise means still a big deal to many companies. I really hope Microsoft realizes that as well and won’t neglect the customers still running on-premise software.

The big winner here is Cireson since Wally Mead will join their forces. Therefore I congratulate Cireson with their newest team member. Awesome!

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Shan said...

Well.... That really sad reading about Wally, but who really cares right? The answer is the community! We care. And lets show Microsoft who made Windows Millinium, Vista and Windows 8 a hit. Microsoft and their cloud statergy? As i do recall these were the darkest chapters in MSFT history. A word of wisdom for Michael Niehaus or any one else `Stepping into take the oppertunity` Be carefull what u wish for, ur xxs might be the next one in line of MSFT fire. Game on MSFT and Azure injections... Greed will never succeed, Just look at Nokia and IBM before you proceed.