Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oops! I’ve restored my SCOM 2012x Environment But Forget All About The Data Warehouse DB…

Whenever your SCOM 2012x environment gets hosed AND the only way to resolve it is to restore the backup of your SCOM 2012x databases, people tend to forget the Data Warehouse database. Or don’t want to restore it since it’s way too big, sometimes over 1 TB.

And many times people tend to think the Data Warehouse database can be skipped since ‘it all happens in the Operations Manager database whereas the Data Warehouse database is only used for Reporting’.

However, now new issues arise since the connection between BOTH SCOM 2012x databases is far more complex. And when one ONLY restores the Operational database and NOT the Data Warehouse as well, this connection is out of sync, causing all kinds of unwanted issues, resulting in bad reporting (among other things).

Oops! I did it (again)! Now what?
Gladly the OpsMgr Engineering Team posted an excellent article about how to solve these particular issues. Until now I haven’t tested it myself.

However, these people know their trade so I am very happy with this additional knowledge, enabling me to resolve issues like these WITHOUT running another restore, and this time of BOTH SCOM 2012x databases.

Go here and check it out yourself.

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