Monday, February 9, 2015

Azure: Where Microsoft Stands Today? Visit The Cloud Platform Roadmap!

Cloud, cloud and cloud. That’s more than just a buzz word. It has become the very core of Microsoft itself and they’re investing BIG time in it. I myself know a few people working for Microsoft and one way or another, they’re all in.

So Microsoft means business and is working hard to make it even bigger, better and more diverse. But when you’re asking yourself where Microsoft stands today, what’s in development, has become recently available, what’s released in public preview and perhaps canceled, it’s quite a challenge to get to the bottom of it.

Therefore it’s good to know that Microsoft has launched a new website, delivering that kind of information, titled Cloud Platform Roadmap:

Per tab (Recently Available, Public Preview, In Development) the latest Azure services are grouped, enabling you to quickly see where Microsoft stands:

And I must say, this is VERY impressive. So anyone who was still thinking ‘da cloud’ is just marketing but nothing more, this website is a WAKE UP CALL!

Want to check it for yourself? Go here and be amazed AND impressed, just like me.

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