Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MP Authoring Tool For MP Pro’s Updated To SP3!

Last September Silect released the update for the MP Authoring tool for IT Pro’s, MP Author SP2. Today Silect released the latest version, MP Author SP3. This is the mail I got today:

Updates and/or new features:

  • Improved knowledge viewing and editing in multiple language environments
  • Improved XML editing
  • New feature to "Check for missing display names"
  • Added ability to use base classes other than LocalApplication when creating new classes
  • Additional MP elements are displayed
  • Added a drop down list of $$ parameters for alert messages
  • Schedule property grid made more user friendly
  • Improvements to memory usage

This tool is FREE since it’s sponsored by Microsoft. For anyone out there looking for a way to author a MP and don’t want to use (or don’t know how) Visual Studio with the Authoring Extensions (VSAE), this is a great tool.

Want to know more? Go here.

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