Monday, February 9, 2015

Log File Monitoring? Download The Free NICE MP

Ever tried to monitor log files with SCOM? Sure, it can be done but the default tools are quite limited.

So when you require more sophisticated log file monitoring, like catching certain log entries, phrases or more monitoring intelligence, you’re facing a real challenge and soon you must use all kinds of scripts in order to get the job done simply because out-of-the-box this functionality is lacking in SCOM.

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The FREE NiCE Log File Monitoring MP delivers much more intelligence, enabling you to build sophisticated log file monitors in your SCOM environment. Compare this MP with the out-of-the-box log file monitoring capabilities in SCOM and be amazed:

Yes, you’ve to register in order to download this MP. But that’s an easy process and it might take some time before you’re granted access to their download portal. But once you’re allowed access, you can download this FREE MP – no strings attached! – and import it in your SCOM environment.

A good friend of mine – Stefan Roth - has written an excellent posting about the power of this MP by demonstrating it. Read his posting in order to get a good understanding of the capabilities of it.

Why does NiCe do this?
Good question! Well, NiCE delivers high quality MPs and they want the world to know that. So what better way to show that than delivering a FREE MP which does an awesome job like the log file monitoring MP?

Other MPs they deliver – not free but reasonably prized – are MPs for monitoring:

  1. zLinux;
  2. Oracle;
  3. IBM Domino;
  4. BES 10;
  5. BlackBerry;
  6. IBM DB2;
  7. SAP.

As you can see, these MPs cover non-Microsoft based workloads, many times found in enterprise environments. These MPs enrich SCOM and convert it to a single glass of pane when it comes to monitoring your enterprise based workloads.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. Now if they only could extend Unix log file monitoring like this.