Friday, April 17, 2015

Cross Post: Ex2010 MP Correlation Engine Doesn’t Generate Alerts

As we all know the Exchange 2010 MP is a MP of a rare breed. It uses the ‘Correlation Engine’ (CE) in order to generate Alerts. Even though the theory behind it is good, the execution has ‘some’ issues and nags, like using most of the Custom fields of an Alert generated by the CE, causing many automated solutions, depending on those fields to turn sour.

So I was glad when Microsoft introduced Exchange Server 2013 MP and dropped the Correlation Engine for the MP in order to monitor it.

However, there are many organizations out there who still run Exchange Server 2010 and use SCOM 2007 to monitor it. When you want to migrate to SCOM 2012x changes are CE will stop functioning by not generating alerts anymore.

Gladly PFE Jimmy Harper bumped into this situation already. He solved it – with help of one of his colleagues – and blogged about it.

The posting is to be found here.

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