Friday, April 17, 2015

Repost: Fix For Not Starting Data Access/Config Service After KB2677070 Is Installed

This week on Twitter there was a tweet all about not starting System Center services after KB26770 is installed. Many people retweeted it or added it to their favorites. So apparently this issue is current and harassing some organizations.

So I did some digging on my blog and found this posting, dated October 9th 2012. Normally I won’t repost my previous posts, but for this one I make an exception:

Yesterday I posted about KB2677070 causing issues when installing an (additional) OM12 Management Server.

As it turns out Microsoft has acknowledged it and posted a new KB article how to workaround this issue. KB2730040 tells one exactly what to do in order to keep KB2677070 AND to successfully install an (additional) OM12 Management Server.

Thanks to Vincent who mentioned this KB to me.

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