Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New MP: Windows Server Storage Spaces 2012 R2

Yesterday Microsoft released a new MP in order to monitor Windows Server Storage Spaces 2012 R2, version

This VERY basic MP allows you to monitor your Windows Server Storage Spaces 2012 R2 environment. Supported configurations:

  • 16 Storage Nodes;
  • 12 Storage Pools;
  • 120 File Shares.

The related MP guide (just as BIG as the MP itself…) reveals more about this MP:



As you can see, Microsoft has worked hard in order to get the job done and without any care about a budget (if there was any…).

But wait! As it turns out there is ONE View. Wow! And yes, MP Viewer confirms it:

The MP can be downloaded from here. However, be warned since a MP like this will have a huge hit on the available bandwidth, so download it outside the regular business hours Smile

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