Monday, November 30, 2015

New Challenges!

Probably you’ve noticed the silence moments on my blog. Some weeks went by without not too many postings or – even worse – no postings at all. All this has a reason.

The main reason is that life takes it’s directions, whether it’s private or work. And you just got to follow the ‘flow’. Some of these shifts in direction are self initiated, whereas other are more like ‘facts of nature’ and have to be dealt with as well.

As such much of my time – used for blogging – was consumed by many other activities. And when not, I simply didn’t have the right mind setting to write a good posting. That way many drafts were made, but never made it to my blog because they failed the final ‘reader test’.

Gladly, the bumpiest parts of this ride are over and a new dawn is about to start!

One of the self initiated new directions is my move to another company. Tomorrow - December the 1st – I’ll start at another company, Didacticum, in the role of senior consultant. I am looking forward to meet my new colleagues and to start this new career tomorrow.

I want to say thanks to Insight24 for the time we spent together and everything I’ve learned. I also wish them the best. And I am sure we’ll meet again since it’s a small world after all.

The moment I’ve found my new balance my blog will be back on track again. So stay tuned for many new postings to come out soon!

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