Friday, November 6, 2015

OMS Goes Xplat!

As we all know is Microsoft ‘all in’ for their cloud services. This is not only an ever expanding service offering but also the coverage, depth and breadth of it is growing fast.

As of this week OMS supports Linux and Docker container management. These Linux distributions are supported by OMS for now. I am pretty sure more will added along the way:

With OMS you can collect this kind of data:

  • Syslog: Collect your choice of syslog events from rsyslog and syslog-ng
  • Performance Metrics:  We can collect 70+ performance metrics at a 30 second granularity using our new Near Real Time Performance data pipelineGet metrics from the following objects:  System, Processor, Memory & Swap space, Process, Logical Disk (File System) and Physical Disk.  Full list of Performance Counters.
  • Docker container logs, metrics & inventory: We show information about where your containers and container hosts are, which containers are running or failed, and Docker dameon and container logs sent to stdout and stderr. We also show performance metrics such as CPU, memory, network and storage for the container and hosts to help you troubleshoot and find noisy neighbor containersWe support Docker version 1.8+.
  • Alerts from Nagios + Zabbix: The agent can collect alerts from your most popular monitoring tools.  This allows you to view all your alerts from all your tools in a single pain of glass!  Combine this with our existing support for collection of alerts from Operations Manager.  We currently support Nagios 3+ and Zabbix 2.x.
  • Apache & MySQL performance metrics: Collect performance metrics about your MySQL/MariaDB server performance and databases as well as Apache HTTP Servers and Virtual Hosts. 

A feature which is really awesome is to connect Nagios to OMS in order to create a single pane of glass. So no more ‘battles’ between different monitoring platforms, instead it’s all connected! Awesome!


Miha said...

Is there any documentation as to how to integrate OMS with Nagios? What kind of functionality is available... anything on this topic?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Miha.

As this refered posting ( in my blog article states : '...To add Perf counters, Nagios or Zabbix alerts, or Container data, edit this file: /etc/opt/microsoft/omsagent/conf/omsagent.conf:...'


Miha said...

Sorry about that, I searched the web (didn't find any documentation), but missed the article. Thank you.