Monday, November 2, 2015


Many years ago the previous CEO of Microsoft had a rant on stage, shouting Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers! Apparently he wanted to get the message across that developers were key to the success of the business and as such were recognized in the force the represented.

On-prem SCOM and the UI…
The same rant goes for the user interface (UI) of any application, whether it’s on-prem, cloud based or a hybrid one. The presentation of the data has to be relevant and a smooth experience as well. Of course there are tons of other requirements it has to live up to, but these two are the two most important ones.

We all know that the on-prem SCOM UI (Console) has some challenges here. And the SCOM Web Console? I even don’t want to go there.

From Azure Operational Insights to OMS. How about the UI?
So when Microsoft started out on the Azure Operational Insights adventure, now rebranded to Operations Management Suite (OMS) I was wondering what it would bring for the UI experience.

And I must say that I am deeply impressed. The OMS web UI runs on a plethora of web browsers AND platforms. And most of the times it’s a very smooth ride as well. The information is relevant AND fast.

Back then I ended that same posting with the comment that OMS lacked apps for Android and iOS. About two weeks ago Microsoft ‘fixed’ that as well. Awesome!

Want to know more? Go here.

Soon I’ll write a posting about my personal experiences with the iOS app.

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