Monday, December 28, 2015

SCCM 1511 & SCOM Monitoring

As it turns out, SCCM 1511 is perfectly discovered and monitored by the latest SCCM 2012 MP, version 5.00.7804.1.

Some screenshots from one of my labs:

Hierarchy Diagram:

Servers and Site System Roles:

Site Servers State:

Notice the highlighted Version number in the previous screen dump, which matches with SCCM 1511:

So this is great news for organizations running SCOM 2012x and SCCM 1511. The latest version of the SCCM 2012 MP covers the SCCM 1511 infra as well. Of course, the latest Site System Role (Service Connection Point) with the extension Updates & Servicing isn’t covered yet, since it’s new to SCCM 1511.

But still the latest SCCM 2012 MP covers most critical SCCM 1511 components and infrastructure, so there is NO black box, which is great Smile. I expect an update of the SCCM MP to be published soon, which will cover the newest features of SCCM 1511 as well.

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