Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Silence (Please?)

For many years I used Windows Live Writer (WLW) to write my postings, or even better, to DESIGN them. Simply because I use many screendumps and so on. Without WLW blogging becomes much harder or even - when using many screenshots - nearly impossible.

The Blogger web based interface doesn't work nicely at all. It's a challenge to cut & paste screenshots, size and allign them as required.

Sadly WLW stopped working a few days ago when Google (TOTALLY understandably) pulled the plug on an old authorization mechanism. This authorization mechanism is outdated, buggy and therefore very vulnerable for all kinds of exploits and attacks. So I totally understand Google.

HOWEVER, WLW is just as old so it uses the very same authentication mechanism in order to sign in to Blogger. Since Google stopped that kind of authentication WLW simply doesn't connect anymore to my Blogger account :(.

GLADLY there is a new fork of WLW, Open Live Writer (OLW) as stated before. However, the current release (0.5) doesn't work with the new authentication mechanism Google uses, OAuth 2.0. BUT the people behind OLW are working hard in order to get this issue solved. For this I am very grateful. Totally awesome that people are working so hard in their own free time to make OLW a worthy successor of WLW.

Until the new version of OLW sees the light, which is expected to support OAuth 2.0, my blog will be a bit silent. Not because I've got nothing to share (DUH!!!!) but simply because writing/designing a new posting without WLW or OLW is like a #$@! in the proverbial backside...

Hope to post soon here. Bye!

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