Monday, December 28, 2015

SCCM 1511: Where Is The Revamped Software Center?!

For a customer I implemented a brand new SCCM 1511 environment. This went pretty smooth, with no glitches what so ever. Even though I’ve SCCM 1511 already running in one of my labs, deploying it in production is a different story all together.

As with any other SC deployment, preparation is key here. But when all the preparations are made and all requirements met, the deployment is a rather straight forward process.

However, when the hierarchy was set, the boundaries defined and the Discovery Methods properly configured and enabled, the SCCM Client automatically pushed (as required), a challenge arose. One of the changes in SCCM 1511 is the revamped Software Center. NO MORE Silverlight! Yeah baby!

But when I started Software Center on any SCCM 1511 client, this is what I got:
?! The OLD Software Center? But why?

Time for some investigation. After some time I found this setting under \Administration\Overview\Client Settings, Default Client Settings / Computer Agent / Use New Software Center:

Normally I don’t touch the Default Client Settings. Per group of (User/Device) Settings, I create a new entity and deploy it as required.

This way it’s far more easier to manage those settings and have a better grip on what’s happening and why. But in this case I decided to modify the Default Client Settings so the new Software Center is enabled by default for ALL managed systems:

After a refresh of the machine policy all managed clients run the updated Software Center:
That’s more like it!

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