Friday, October 14, 2016

OM16 RTM Iso Contains Self Extracting EXE File

Since I am approached by multiple customers asking the same question about the SCOM 2016 RTM ISO, containing a self extracting EXE file, I’ve decided to post this article about it.

The downloadable ISO file for SCOM 2016 doesn’t contain the content we normally expect, the installer files required in order to install SCOM 2016 RTM. Instead it contains a single EXE file SC2016_SCOM_EN.EXE:

Meaning this ISO file isn’t usable right away. Since this file is a self-extracting file, it needs additional attention before it’s usable.

Interesting fact, when looking at the properties of the file, it looks like the EXE file was already packaged at 27th of July 2016:


So SCOM 2016 RTM was already ‘finished’ on the 27th of July (or some time before)? Confused smile

How to proceed
Simply execute the file and follow the wizard. The first screen tells it all:
You’re looking at the SCOM 2016 RTM bits indeed.

Just follow the wizard, provide a location where to the files must be extracted. When done, you have finally access to the SCOM 2016 RTM installation bits:

From there on it’s easy to proceed. Next posting (or so) will be about my upgrade experiences from SCOM 2012 R2 UR#11 to SCOM 2016 RTM.

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