Tuesday, October 18, 2016

OM16: UR#01 Available

2016-10-18 Update: Just got word this UR#01 is actually the ‘GA’ release, thus it’s strongly advised to apply it to any SCOM 2016 RTM environment. Also the list of fixes and updates is huge. As such this kind of list wouldn’t help at all.

In other words: Simply install this UR#01 for SCOM 2016 RTM and be done with it.

Since a few days UR#01 for SCOM 2016 RTM is already out, see KB3190029.

As far as I can see this UR touches the SCOM Management Server, Console and Web Console. Also the updates are rather small:

And when downloaded from the Microsoft Update Catalog, the download works differently meaning when you select the update you want to download (server, console, web console)

You’ll be shown the required download files in a new screen. Select the one you require for your language and the download will start.



Web Console:

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