Monday, October 3, 2016

What’s New In SCOM 2016?

SCOM 2016 brings new features and options. Evn though it’s hard to say exactly what they all are, I’ve made a shortlist, based on the Microsoft Ignite 2016 video’s all about System Center 2016, 144 in total(!).

No, I haven’t seen them all. However, during my weekend I scanned about 30+ of them in order to get a deeper understanding of what’s all new in SCOM 2016 and the related Management Packs (MPs).

This is the list I made, which isn’t complete yet. My comments are between brackets:

Improved operations

  • Maintenance Mode Schedules (can also be done through PowerShell);
  • MP Updates & Recommendations feature (hopefully the underlying MP Catalog will be maintained properly now);
  • VSAE for VS 2015 (for the MP author a hard requirement);
  • In-place upgrade (will write a posting about this one soon);
  • HTML5 Web Console (partially for now, with a UR/CU it will become 100% HTML5 based. Dashboards still have the Silverlight dependency);
  • Tune MPs in an easier manner (easier to single out the alert storm culprits).

Integrated network monitoring

  • Extensible network device monitoring (still have to test drive this new feature. Sounds hopeful though);
  • Network performance monitoring with OMS integration (as expected. OMS is the new future or even the new presence as well).

New MPs

  • Azure;
  • Office 365;
  • Exchange Server;
  • Server OS, also for DNS, DHCP, IIS, NLB, IIS etc.;
  • Nano Server & related workloads;
  • LAMP stack;
  • Storage monitoring;
  • CPS monitoring.

Integrated network monitoring (or better: Enhanched OMS integration)

  • Extensible network device monitoring;
  • Network performance monitoring with OMS integration.


Unknown said...

Will you be upgrading to 2016 any time soon? (production)

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Stephen.

No I haven't and won't either for some time as well. First I want to test drive it thoroughly making sure I am not going to break anything which is working now.

Just published a new posting about upgrading to SCOM 2016:


Igor said...

Looks like there are not great reason to update. What a shame