Friday, November 6, 2009

OpsMgr R2 Console: When installing updates for installed MPs by using the Catalog one or MPs might fail to import on the first run

When updating MPs from the OpsMgr R2 Console (Administration > Management Packs > right click > Import Management Packs > Add > Add from Catalog > Updates available for installed Management Packs > Search) it might run not smoothly and a result like this is being displayed:

As you can see, some MPs are having issues. The best way to go about it is to rerun the update. Now only the MPs which were the first time problematic will be shown. Select them and run the update process. Now all is well:

Somehow it seems like the order – in which the MPs are updated – is problematic during the first run. A MP misses out on one or more other MP(s) and therefore won’t update. When the update is run for a second time the needed MPs are in place so the update runs fine now.

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