Friday, April 9, 2010

MMS2010: Session ‘How to assess current Management Group capacity’

With just one week to go, MMS 2010 is about to start! Great!

I am really looking forward to it. I have already a filled agenda with many sessions to attend. Some sessions are going to be even more special since these will be presented by much respected friends and peers. Maarten Goet, a good friend of mine and fellow SCOM MVP will present three sessions at MMS 2010!

For one of those sessions I had the opportunity to deliver some materials/experiences of my own. And not just that, for the very same session much respected SCOM Pro’s like Kevin Holman, Daniele Grandini and Cameron Fuller jumped in and shared their own experiences and knowledge as well!

So when you want to know more about experiences out of the field and see four good demo’s, all I can say is: JOIN THIS SESSION!

When and where you ask? On April 21st at 10.15am in room Titian 2206.

And there is more. After the session there will be time for some Q&A. During that time Kevin and me will join Maarten on stage.

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