Thursday, April 29, 2010

Updated Maintenance Mode scripts for SCOM R2

As stated earlier, Tim McFadden has made a great tool which really every SCOM environment needs. It is all about PLANNED Maintenance Mode (MM) which normally can’t be done in SCOM (RTM/SP1/R2):
As you can see, no way to PLAN MM in advance like setting a start and an end date/time…

For this Tim McFadden has created the Remote Maintenance Scheduler. This tool has been around since SCOM RTM/SP1. As we all know is MM in SCOM R2 made easier. Now all the related objects (Computer, Health Service & Health Service Watcher) are put into MM whereas in SCOM RTM/SP1 all these objects need to be set into MM separately.

In order to reflect this change has Tim McFadden updated the scripts for SCOM R2 environment. These scripts and the related blog posting can be found here.

Thanks Tim for your great work. Much appreciated!

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