Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MMS 2011

No, it is NOT a typo!

MMS 2011 will be held 21-25 March 2011 (duh!).

So let’s book the ticket WAY in advance:

But this is what I get:

So I have to do some more waiting I guess… :)

But… lets book a boat trip as well. (You never know when the volcano strikes again…)

A way to do such a thing is by cargo ship:
(These containers almost look like the containers Microsoft told about during the Keynote. So it is like a huge FLOATING datacenter! Nice!)

Lets check out the website (in Dutch):
Hmm. The journey can take between 12 to 21 days. The cargo ship is owned by a Polish shipping company, is 200 meters long and 24 meters wide. The metric weight is… Who cares?

As long as I get there!!!

So when I want to get to MMS 2011 in time, I have to ‘set sail’ on the 24th of February 2011. That gives me some extra days. Wonder whether my employer will allow it. But hey, I have enough time to request it… Preparation is the key word here!

So this is my list of ‘Must-Haves’ in order to get to MMS 2011:

  • Ticket for air travel from Amsterdam to the US
  • Ticket for the cargo ship
  • Ticket for air travel from Madrid to the US (Also Known As ‘The Belgium Connection’)

This way I have covered as many things as possible. This should work!

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Ryan said...

Just came across this and all I can say is priceless. Here is hoping that our European counterparts can make it this year, even if they all have to take a cargo ship