Monday, May 14, 2012

Free MP: Infront Orchestrator MP

While attending MMS 2012 there was a lot of good news to be found. One of these good news items is a FREE MP from the Infront Consulting Group. This Canada/US/Europe/Asia based System Center /Hyper-V consulting company has built a MP which monitors and integrates Orchestrator into OM12.

Brief description of what this MP does (taken directly from the slide deck of session CD-B318 ‘EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE IN DESKTOP SUPPORT WITH OPERATIONS MANAGER’ presented by Rory McCaw, Managing Principal Consultant of the Infront Consulting Group):

  • Discovers Runbooks;
  • Monitors Runbooks;
  • Includes a task to execute a Runbook from the Operations Manager console;
  • Includes a task to execute a Runbook with parameters from the Operations Manager console.

This MP is really good. Also because Brian Wren (a famous Microsoft employer who’s considered to be the MP Authoring King) was building such a MP for the community. But when he heard the Infront Orchestrator MP was out and saw it, he pulled his MP. And believe me, he wouldn’t do such a thing when he thought the Infront MP wasn’t that good…

You can download this FREE MP from here. Registration is needed though. But soon you’ll have the MP which is a MUST have for anyone running OM12 and SCOrch.

A BIG thanks to Infront for sharing this MP with the community.

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