Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Peter Noorderijk & Savision: Whitepaper ‘Hyper-V Management: Addressing the Top Nine Challenges’

Even though this blog isn’t about Hyper-V I still want to share it since my guess is that many readers of my blog will find it interesting just as me.

When one says Hyper-V in the Netherlands, one says Peter Noorderijk (and Hans Vredevoort of course). Peter has written a whitepaper with some tips, guidelines and best practices for a Hyper-V environment.

Or as Peter describes it: ‘…This whitepaper is neither a tutorial nor step-by-step handbook for common problems. Rather, this whitepaper provides one with the wisdom of the smartest, cutting edge Hyper-V administrators…’.

A BIG thank you to Peter and Savision for sharing this information.

Whitepaper can be downloaded from the Savision website.

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