Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SQL Server Collation Settings Requirements for System Center 2012 Explained

Already with the predecessors of System Center 2012 the SQL Server Collation settings requirements for SCOM and SCSM could be a real challenge. With System Center 2012 this challenge became a pain in the a** since the documentation for those products (OM12 and SCSM12) contradicted with each other and – in some cases – even conflicted with itself…
(Picture borrowed from www.funnychill.com.)

Gladly Microsoft realized this omission and corrected it. They’re correcting the related documentation and posted an excellent blog posting all about this topic.

Anyone involved with OM12/SCSM12 should read this posting since it contains tons of good information all about SQL Server Collation settings requirements for OM12 and SCSM12.

So finally there is a single source which brings it all together! Many thanks to Travis who wrote this posting. Want to know more? Go here.

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