Tuesday, May 8, 2012

HP Storage MP v 2.0: DCOM EventID 10009 every 5 seconds in the System Log of the RMS

Since the HP Storage MP 2.1 is really filled with BUGS and causes many issues in any SCOM environment, I have customers running version This MP isn’t good either. Since is just as bad I don’t see any reason to upgrade to this version.

However, version has some issues as well. Many of them can be addressed as described before. But now it seems this MP causes some other issues as well, like throwing EventID 10009 every 5 seconds in the System Log of the RMS:

However, the environments where these issues took place (multiple MGs) the MP wasn’t tuned as described earlier. Also this EventID only happens when Gateway Servers are involved.

Cause & Solution
As it turned out there are two Rules in the HP Storage MP which are targeted against GROUPS :(.

Well, I am NOT a real MP Author myself , but I DO KNOW the difference between good and BAD practices.

And you NEVER EVER target a Group for ANY Rule or Monitor. PERIOD! So by targeting the ‘instance’ Group itself, one still commits this sin!

However, it happens in this MP. Since Groups aren’t enumerated in this kind of setup so the Rules and Monitors end up being targeted against the owner of those Groups, which is the RMS. So these Rules/Monitors run on the RMS. And the scripts of those Rules try to contact each monitored server in order to run some checks. However, the servers being managed by the Gateway Server can’t be contacted directly from the RMS, hence the errors.

So by disabling these two Rules the DCOM errors disappeared completely.

I wonder when HP publishes a new HP Storage MP which is really good compared to these MPs which are really BAD and break SCOM… However, with all the information out there about what’s wrong with the current MPs it should only get better…

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