Monday, February 11, 2013

Cross Post: Getting Started With Client-Side Monitoring In OM12

Äke Pettersson, senior program manager for Microsoft working for the Operations Manager team, wrote an excellent posting all about getting started with the Client-Side Monitoring (CSM) feature in OM12.

What CSM does? Taken directly from the same posting: ‘…CSM provides a real end user perspective on application health for .NET applications, as users are interacting with the application, by collecting performance and exception data from the users browsers in near real time…’

So when you have OM12 in place and want to reap the full benefits of Application Performance Monitoring (APM), CSM is the next step. And the best thing is, APM is already included in OM12. So no additional software needs to be purchased, awesome!

Want to know more about CSM, how to implement it and how to get it working? Go here.

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