Friday, February 1, 2013

Veeam Webinar: Why Veeam MP Wins

On February the 6th I will co-assist Rick Vanover with the live webinar all about monitoring VMware and why the Veeam Management Pack is the best choice here.

I have done many SCOM implementations/configurations and optimizations. Many times I found those very same organizations using VMware as their virtualization platform and looking for ways to monitor it properly.

When I introduced them the Veeam MP, they’re always very happy with it. Simply because it delivers so much added value with out any hassle what so ever.

During this live webinar Rick will tell you more about the details of the MP and I’ll share some real life experiences with some anecdotes as well. Since the world has become a global village there will be two live webinars, one for EMEA and another for the America’s.

Any one running a VMware environment and having a SCOM environment in place, this webinar is really good stuff!

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