Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How To Remove An Old SCOM Connector

Recently I had to remove two old obsolete Connectors from a SCOM R2 environment. This isn’t done through the regular SCOM R2 interface but outside by using one of these three methods:
  1. As Kevin Holman describes
    It isn’t officially supported but personally I like this approach the best since I am in total control what happens and go through all the required steps by myself.

  2. The official supported method, KB2626670
    Basically a PS script which goes through the steps as Kevin described.

  3. A community based tool
    Guess this tool isn’t officially supported either. I haven’t used it myself but I hear it works as intended.

As you can see there are multiple options available to get this job done. When you want to play is safe use KB2626670 since that’s the officially supported way.

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