Monday, February 18, 2013

Managing Windows Server 2012? Fix The Handle Leak In WMI!

Already tweeted about this one but I want to give it more exposure.

When you’re managing any Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8 system with System Center 2012 (SP1), like monitoring it with SCOM 2012 (SP1), or SCVMM 2012 (SP1) or DPM 2012 (SP1) you’ll need to install a hotfix in order to repair a handle leak in WMI.

KB2790831 tells it all and offers the hotfix for download as well. As the same KB describes this handle leak: ‘…This issue occurs because, when Performance Data Helper log files are opened, Pdh.dll creates a new thread by using the CreateThread() API to process the log files. The CreateThread() API then returns a handle to the newly created thread. The handle remains open after these log files are closed, causing a handle leak…’

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Unknown said...

We are seeing the same problem (I think). VMMService has been running for only one hour and already the thread count is 67,000 and growing.

We've installed the hotfix in this article but it's made no difference.

Is anyone else seeing the same thing, and are there any other suggestions?