Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cross Post: How To Bring Back The BUILTIN\Administrators Group In OM12

When OM12 is installed by default the local group BUILTIN\Administrators is added to the User Role Operations Manager Administrators.

In the Console this Group can only deleted when another Global Group is added to it. Even though it seems smart to do so (this way only members of that Group have admin access in OM12) , its always handy to have a backdoor into OM12 giving you admin access.

Suppose the Global Group allowing admin access in OM12 is deleted by accident? When the backdoor (BUILTIN\Administrators) is deleted, you have a big issue at hand. In situations like these it’s better to have a backdoor in place.

So far so good. But suppose you have deleted the ‘backdoor’ and want to undo it? Now you find yourself in a strange situation. In the OM12 Console you’re ONLY allowed to add Global Groups to this User Role. You can’t add local accounts not local groups. So adding the local group BUILTIN\Administrators by using the Console won’t work…

Gladly former MVP and now a well known and respected PFE Ɓukasz Rutkowski has written a posting how to solve this situation. Advice: ALWAYS backup BOTH OM12 SQL databases before you perform actions like these.

And another tip: CLEAR the cache of the OM12 Console afterwards. Otherwise the changes won’t be shown…

A BIG word of thanks to Lukasz for sharing. Awesome!

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