Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Transformers: Microsoft Is All In!

Only a few years ago Microsoft started the biggest transformation ever: from a company which produces packaged software to a company which delivers devices and services. And of course, the true value of those devices is enriched by the services delivered by Microsoft as well.

In order to give it more attention many – if not all – Microsoft employees signed those days their e-mail messages with the slogan We’re all in.

Basically meaning everybody working for Microsoft was working hard to make this transformation a success.

And no, this transformation is far from over. But none the less, if there is one message which stands out at TechEd 2013 USA, it’s Microsoft's transition to the cloud. It’s driven top down as this internal mail sent by Satya Nadella, Microsoft Server & Tools president, to all Microsoft employees.

Since Microsoft is very serious about it (and proud as well!), Satya has posted this internal mail on The Official Microsoft Blog. Any one involved with Microsoft technology should read this posting and mail at least twice since it clearly shows the future path Microsoft has chosen.

His mail states clearly: ‘…Every one of our division’s nearly 10,000 people now think and build for the cloud – first. Our engineers live a “live-site” first culture to better respond to our customers in real time. And we are laser-focused on building more complete end-to-end service scenarios, or modern workloads, to deliver more value to our customers and partners…’

So Microsoft isn’t only changing but much of that change has already taken place. From now on in the public Microsoft embraces AND executes the Cloud-First Strategy.

Paul Thurrot has written an excellent posting about this Cloud-First Strategy, to be found here.

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