Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Using the Savision Web Console? Don’t FORGET Windows Firewall!

Bumped into this issue myself and felt a bit stupid afterwards.

For a customer I installed Savision Live Maps (Web Console included). Built some nice dashboards and today was the time to showcase those dashboards. Just before the demonstration started I tested everything in order to keep demo devil outside Smile.

Everything worked perfect. The Savision Web Console however worked only on the OM12 Management Server where it was installed. But outside it didn’t work. IE just timed out… But I was a bit in a hurry so I had no time to take a better look at it.

During the demonstration/presentation I showed the dashboards from the local OM12 Management Server and the audience was very impressed. But afterwards I wanted to know why the Savision Web Console didn’t work outside the OM12 Management Server. And of course, solve it as well…

Bummer! It turned out the firewall was turned on and there wasn’t a Rule in place which allowed traffic over TCP port 52909!

When the required Inbound Rule was created and saved, everything worked like a charm!


Lesson learned:
ALWAYS check the firewall on the related server whether it’s running and requires some modifications.

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