Monday, January 20, 2014

Elvis Re-entered The Building

The past
Some years ago when I started working with SCOM 2007 RTM it was a bumpy ride. Many ‘undocumented features’ were present in the RTM version of SCOM 2007, resulting in strange behavior of the SCOM environment.

Combined with MPs like the Exchange 2003 one, using the ‘fabulous’ Self Tuning Threshold (STT) Monitors (which were completely ditched in the last version of that MP since STT didn’t live up to its promise), you had an interesting mix...

Let’s Bing it…
So I needed information. Badly. But where to start since we’re talking about the undocumented features here. So Google became my best friend and soon I found some places on the web which contained really good information.

Blogs run by people like Anders Bengtsson, Cameron Fuller, Stefan Stranger, Kevin Holman, Pete Zerger and David Allen. Back then those were only names to me, now I consider them as friends Smile. Also their blogs helped me to get my own blog on track.

Where did it go?!
As time moved on, the list of good blogs changed. Some were added where others were removed. But one blog stayed for me on top of my personal list since it contained really helpful information. Deep technological understanding of the inner workings of SCOM combined with a rock solid explanation, and that for every posting, made this blog so special and really stand out. Also the pace of the postings being pumped out was amazing.

Since some blogs – which were good as well -  were removed from the internet, I went to certain lengths to preserve the postings from that blog in particular and others in general.

Whenever a new and interesting posting was added, I copied the contents into a Word document, gave it a proper title and saved it locally on my notebook. Later on I moved all those documents to my SkyDrive account so I could access that information from anywhere.

And man, those documents have really helped me on numerous occasions!

Elvis left the building
However, as time moves on things tend to change. So that particular blog which really rocked, became a bit silent because of a career move of the author of that blog. Other blogs took over but never got to that level in a consistent manner.

Even though new postings were added, the pace had grown less regular and the content was missing out on the deep technological level. Which was totally understandable since the author had moved from a deep technical approach to a more sales driven one.

Elvis is back!!!
The first days of this year really started well for me. First I got my MVP award for the fifth year and on the second day of 2014 I read a posting on this particular blog stating the author is back in his old role, Premier Field Engineering!

The same posting also stated that his blog would reflect that career change as well. And until now he has kept his word. Five postings have been added all on the same level like they were before!


Ladies and gentleman, the KING OF SCOM is BACK!!! Let’s rock this joint!!!

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Michiel Wouters said...

I can only but agree with your enthausiasm :)

Always apreciated Kevin's technical approach.